Nature Kids Weekday Sessions

Nature kids learning through adventure weekday sessions


Nature Kids – Weekday Sessions.

Nature Kids weekday sessions are nature-based learning experiences for kids aged 6 - 12. Perfect for homeschoolers or as a one-day* alternative from mainstream school.

Facilitated by Kathy Broadhead, a qualified and experienced teacher and environmental educator. Each day we will explore nature across a broad theme by blending focused educational experiences, child-led learning and nature play. Each session will build on the next, so ideally kids join one day a week for the whole 8 weeks.

At Nature Kids, our Kaupapa is to be curious, creative, caring and collaborative. We investigate, discuss, create, take notes, draw and explore nature, outside all day.

Our days are a mix of adventurous and creative nature-based experiences. We spend our day exploring nature in public areas (this term in Mount Maunganui). We have a base set up with shelter but are off exploring different nature spaces so this involves some walking with our backpacks on.


Nature Kids Weekday Sessions Mount Maunganui


What's up in Winter - Term 3. 2019.

  • Winter - the reason for the season
  • Weather in winter - patterns and predicting
  • Decidious v's evergreen trees
  • Do birds know it's winter?
  • Are the bugs still about? Build a bug hotel
  • Gardening in winter - harvesting & planting
  • Winter warmers - cooking outside
  • Shelter building - natural and man-made materials
  • Fungi Foray - getting to know fungi.
  • Plus, we also enjoy free nature play. Nature art and connection games.


Spending time outdoors in all weathers is important (and super fun) for kids, it helps them develop their understanding of the seasons, weather patterns, the changes happening in nature and helps them develop resilience. Note: Kids do not get sick from rain or cold weather, they get sick from viruses and bacteria. Research shows kids who spend more time outdoors, in all weather, are less likely to get sick.


Nature Kids Weekday Mount Maunganui


Thursday at Mount Maunganui:

Drop the kids off one day a week on Thursday, 9 / 9.30 am – 3 pm.

8 week term. Dates: August 1, 8, 15, 22, 2. Sept 5, 12, 19.


$55 per child, per day.
Small group sizes (maximum 7 Nature Kids).

Small group sizes
Nature Journal for use during our sessions and to take home.
All materials for nature art and craft.
A warm drink for the afternoon (Pukeko Poo, aka Hot Chocolate).
     nature kids weekday sessions


    Coming SOON - Term 4

    Tuesday at Te Puna Quarry (from 22 October) & Thursday (from 24th October) at the Mount. For 8 weeks.

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    Please note: due to the nature of our sessions operating in public nature spaces, Nature Kids may not be suitable for kids with high level needs, please contact Kathy to discuss.

    * Under the Education Act 1989, school principals may authorise any student to attend alternative education outside the school premises. This is often referred to as a one-day school.