Hello, I’m Kathy,

Environmental Educator and Founder of Nature Library!

I'm Kathy Broadhead, qualified environmental educator, nature lover and founder of Nature Library.

Nature has been a constant source of calm, clarity, connection and creativity in my life. I’ve personally experienced the phenomenal healing power and absolute joy of being in nature, time and time again. And, as such, I love sharing the magic of nature with kids of all ages (that’s you too, adults) and seeing the many, many benefits that come out of those experiences.

I’ve spent my life learning about, exploring and working in nature. I am a qualified and experienced environmental educator with over 20 years working in a variety of education roles in NZ and abroad. I am passionate about collaborative learning between child, educator and nature. My programmes combine child led learning, free nature play and directed experiences to help develop the whole child.

I am a trained teacher and hold a Master’s Degree in Education, Diploma of Teaching and Bachelor’s Degree in Science.

I've also had loads of amazing adventures in nature throughout New Zealand and around the world - adventures that include rescuing penguins, diving with great white sharks and protecting loggerhead sea turtle eggs!



Kids need Nature:

Connecting with nature builds confidence and resilience, it improves mental, social and physical health; it encourages creativity and creative play. Being in nature promotes a sense of wonder, joy and happiness – who doesn’t want that for their kids (and themselves).

Nature needs Kids:

When kids (big and small) connect with and experience nature they naturally learn about, understand and love it! This love of nature translates to caring and protecting nature. Kids really are the future and nature needs them!

Kids Activity Packs

Kids love our interactive Activity Packs!  If you're looking for fun activities for the kids to do during the holidays or weekend, check out our online store.

I've created 7 different Activity Packs (with more to come!) - most of which can be done either at home in the backyard, or in any outdoor setting such as the beach, a park, etc. Buy a Kids Activity Pack online - we ship right around NZ!

Nature Kids School Holiday Programmes

Check out my popular Nature Kids Adventure Club - our School Holiday Programme - in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui and Papamoa. Click here to find out more about our School Holiday Programme.

Nature Kids Schools - Curriculum Learning

I also offer unique In-School Programmes, developed in consultation with schools and all linked to and fulfilling learning outcomes for the NZ Curriculum.

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