Wonderful Winter Wanders you MUST do!

We are well and truly into winter now and I'm loving the changing season.

In winter Mother Nature shares all her different moods and magnificence, sometimes in one day! There is so much beauty and change happening in nature at this time of the year and you don't want to miss it!

Sometimes it feels harder to get outside and explore in winter, the cooler weather, rain and shorter days can be a challenge. But, there is SO much magic to experience that it's worth the effort.

So remember, 'there's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing'. So, grab some suitable clothing, get outside and enjoy!

I've got some ideas and inspiration for you below.


No such thing as bad weather. Nature experiences in winter


Here are some wonderful winter wanders for you:

  • Go on a Fungi Foray, fungi love the cold and wet and they pop up all over the place. Once you start looking you'll see them everywhere, and they are just so cool!
  • Visit a Waterfall after a rainfall and experience the power and beauty at its best!
  • Put your gumboots on and search for Puddles to Jump in, who can make the biggest splash? This is such simple fun.
  • Visit the Beach after a storm to search for sea treasure washed up. Create a self-portrait from sea-weed, or collect shells to make a nature necklace.
  • Make a Leaf Angel - lie on your back in a pile of leaves, move your arms and legs in and out to move the leaves, stand up and see your leaf angel.
  • Set up a Mud Pie Kitchen outside, create mud pie masterpieces by decorating them with leaves, flowers, pinecones or anything you can find fallen in nature.
  • Mudslide, find a wet hill, grab a large plastic bag or tarpaulin, jump on it and down you go and slide, slide, slide.
  • Make Leaf Boats and watch them float down a stream, on a lake or even a puddle.
  • Rain Gauge use an old large plastic bottle, cut the top off (5cm from the top) turn it upside down and place it inside the top of the bottle. Measure and draw lines to mark a scale on the bottle from the bottom to the top, (5 cm, 10 cm, 15 cm and 20 cm). Put the bottle outside and see how much rain you can collect.
  • Create Raindrop Art sprinkle powder paint or drop liquid paint on white paper plates or cardboard. Take it outside and see what patterns the raindrops create. Bring them inside to dry out.
  • Find Creature Clouds, wrap up warm and head outside, look up and watch for different patterns and kinds of clouds, what shapes or creatures can you see? Draw or write about them, then learn more here: http://www.weatherwizkids.com/weather-clouds.htm
  • Star Gaze, winter night skies are incredible, and with the shorter days its dark earlier, so grab a hot drink and a warm blanket and go outside to gaze at the stars.
  • Go on a Full Moon Walk, walk with only the full moon to guide you. What features and creatures can you see, what is different from daytime?
  • Winter Picnic, wrap up warm, lots of blankets and pack a picnic of warm soup and bread. Find a sunny spot and soak in the warmth of the sun and soup.


Nature an investment in you and your kids health.


I hope you'll be inspired to try some of these experiences this winter and for the school holidays. As Richard Louv says 'time in nature is not just leisure time, it's an essential investment in our children's health and in our own'.

Oh, and incase your wondering, you (or your kids) cannot catch a cold from the cold. You can find out more about this myth and some others by clicking here: 4 myths debunked about outdoor play and children's health.


I hope you have really happy holidays and enjoy connecting with your kids and nature with Wonderful Winter Wanders.