Nature Kids Summer Sessions - over but not out.

Here's a wee Note from Nature all about Nature Kids Summer Sessions, GEE we had fun!

Nature Kids is a small group School Holiday Programme for caring and curious kids who are keen to explore. It gets kids outdoors - discovering and connecting with nature all day.

Our days are filled with creative and adventurous nature-based activities, all exploring our beautiful backyard, Mount Maunganui (and Tauranga, coming soon!)

Everyday is different as nature always has something new to share. On our school holiday programmes we combine structured nature connection adventures with free nature play for the perfect balance that kids love!

Here's what we got up to on our School Holiday Programme Summer Sessions

Mount Mission, is a clue following nature trail to find unique features and creatures of the Mount. The Nature Kids loved figuring out the clues and finding some of the features and creatures was so fun! The Rock Faces were a favorite and once they'd found one they were spotting faces everywhere. Their creativity and senses really come alive in nature.


In Stick Shelters we searched for fallen branches, logs and sticks to create shelters. The Nature Kids worked together, problem solved, shared, and created some super shelters! They decided all the shelters were a luxury hotel (with ocean views) complete with dining area (they found a perfect tree stump for that) and Shell (yes, shell) Phone in the reception area.


On our Shell Safari we explored lots of different areas to find specific shell types, gastropods, bivalves and others. We learned who lived in them and used our journals to draw and write all about them. We even made nature necklaces from our favorite shell.


We had a beautiful day for Rock Pool Ramble, the pools were crystal clear, we paddled barefoot and explored lots of different places to search for sealife. We had our lunch in a tree by the sea (as we often do) and watched a seal snooze on a rock near by. The kids created leaf fingers and made more nature necklaces!


Terrific Trees was cool fun and cool in temperature. On a hot day the trees shade protected us. We learned so much about our trees, we worked out their age and height in some fun ways. We climbed, jumped and explored our limits. We sat, drew, wrote and did rubbings of our trees and their leaves. 


Nature Kids learn through discovery; connecting with and experiencing the natural world. They explore, ask and answer questions, engage all their senses, are creative and playful.  Through experience they develop their understanding of the natural world, living things, themselves and each other.

Oh, and they have lots of FUN!

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