March Monthly Mission - Get the Kids into this Activity

It's Sea Month at Nature Library, so this months Nature Mission is for the Sea!

Monthly Nature Mission - Take 3 for the Sea!

Get the Kids into this activity!

Get outside, go explore the beach, estuary, or ocean and while there collect at least 3 bits of rubbish. Take a photo of your rubbish (and you), share it in the pinned post on our Facebook page here: Nature Library. Viola, you're in the draw for our Monthly Mission *Prize*.

Did you know that every piece of plastic ever made still exists, much of it is in the ocean polluting the water and wildlife, yikes!

We can all make a difference by reducing the amount of plastic and packaging we use, and by reusing and recycling any we cant avoid. And, of course, by picking up any rubbish we see in nature, even on the street as most storm water drains flow to the sea.


Check out the Take 3 for the Sea Facebook page and give it a like too.