Earth Day - Nature Adventures & Reading - Join us!

Nature Adventures and Books, my two favorite things!

I love that there are special days dedicated to celebrate and show love to nature. Ideally, we'd do this every day, but Earth Day is one day to make sure it happens and inspire a continued love (and care) for nature every day of the year.

This Earth Day I'm super excited to be joining forces (for Good) with Malcolm Clarke the awesome author of Tu Meke Tūī for a celebration in Mount Maunganui!

tu meke tui nature activities


We'd love you to join us at Hopukoire, Mt Drury (Mt Maunganui) at 11 am on Sunday 22nd April for nature adventures and a reading of Tu Meke Tūī!

This is a FREE event to celebrate Earth Day, so come ready for fun, adventure and to show Earth some Aroha. We'll also have a few copies of Tu Meke Tūī and some Nature Adventure Packs to GIVEAWAY.


nature adventure activities and reading


We can't wait to see you under the trees on the Marine Parade side of Hopukoire, Mt Drury. Bring snacks, sunhats, and smiles. Please like, follow and share our EVENT on Facebook here 

If you can't make it to our Earth Day celebration then please do something to show some Aroha to our incredible planet and the natural environments that support us every day.

You could commit to:

* connect with nature daily (good for you and nature)

* be a tidy kiwi, pick up 3 pieces of rubbish every time you're outside

* take reusable bags when you go shopping (everywhere)

* say "no thanks" to the straw in your drink

* take a reusable cup or container for takeaways

* plant native trees or wildflowers in the garden for the birds and bees

* support local business, especially those that are Made in NZ.

* catch the bus, bike or carpool (just start with one day a week).

Thanks for showing Earth some Aroha today and every day, it will love ya' right back! For more info and inspo about Earth Day check out the website, here