Autumn Ambles - Experiences for the Season

Autumn is upon us and I am enjoying the slowly (very slowly) changing season, the cooler mornings and evenings and the diminishing light. I love witnessing the subtle letting go of nature as Autumn unfolds, a gentle reminder to us to let go of the old, and turn inward.

Autumn Ambles - Nature Connection Experiences for the Season

"Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go" - unknown.


The Autumnal equinox, on the 21st of March, is a time to turn inwards, it is the beginning of darkness and a time for rest and contemplation.

So, to help you (and me) connect with the season I've created a list of Nature Experiences for Autumn. Some just for you and some for the whole family.

 Go seed hunting. Trees and plants are dropping their seeds, nuts and pods at this time. Take a walk around the trees, pick up this fallen nature treasure and look at it closely with a magnifying glass. Take a few specimens home to create an Autumn Nature Table (see more on this below).


🐞 Create an Autumn Nature Table. Bring a little nature from your adventures back indoors with you by setting up a special table or tray to put your treasures on. Gather things that represent the season, fallen nuts or seeds, leaves of different colours, feathers from birds shedding, Cicada shells, books about Autumn, a favourite quote for the season. A nature table is a lovely reminder of your experiences and a sensory experience for little ones to connect with inside.


 Weekly Wanders. Take a walk around your garden or neighbourhood each week, walk the same path and notice the changes happening in nature around you as you wander.


🌻Watch a sunrise or sunset, they can be so magical at this time of the year. As you watch know that you are witnessing the Earths rotation further away from the Sun, how cool is that!


Autumn Amble - nature connection experiences for the season


✨ The skies can be super clear in Autumn so head outside and star gaze. Be sure to let the kids stay up and watch with you. Can you spot any constellations? Watch for Poututerangi (Altair) in the sky (you can find out more by clicking HERE)

 Many birds have a season of shedding and lose feathers between March and April, in particular, Kereru and Tui. On a recent walk in the forest, we found so many of their feathers, they were lovely to see, touch and smell. Next time you take a walk in the forest be on the lookout for these gifts from our feathered friends.


🐝  Establish a new daily rhythm in tune with the changes in the rising and the setting of the sun. Just as nature has a rhythm so too can our days. Design your day to include at least 15 minutes of nature connection time and anything else that brings you joy.


 Explore what is happening underneath trees, touch and look closely at their trunks and leaves. Notice how they are shedding their bark and how their leaves are changing colour, all at different stages. Touch and smell the wood and leaves that have fallen.


🐌  Slow down, and play. Autumn is a time for rest and contemplation, so connect with the season and slow down, rest and contemplate. Make time to play, to do something for the joy of it.


Autumn Ambles - nature connection experiences for the season


So, go on, get outside and explore the season. Tag me @naturelibrarynz in your adventures, I'd love to see what you're up too. See you outside, Kathy 